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Cosmetic dentistry, usually referred as smile makeover, focuses on enhancing the appearance of teeth, smile, and mouth. With cosmetic dentistry beside you, it is very much possible for every individual to improve the overall aesthetics of smile and dental wellbeing. We at Dental Essence Clinic, always illustrate the importance of a good smile to our patients by making them realize its potential to boost professional and social life.

Cosmetic Dentistry primarily deals with the aesthetics of the face for a beautiful and naturally glowing smile. This treatment can be used to lighten, straighten, reshape or repair your teeth. Today, cosmetic dentistry in Pune has gained a huge-popularity. Most people understand the importance of an attractive smile in social life and career. They are now turning to cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry to improve their appearance.

There are many aspects involved in Cosmetic Dentistry. It is a thought process that includes all forms of treatments, from teeth whitening treatment and shaping to closing gaps and replacement. The team at Dental Essence encourages more natural treatments and offer solutions by using different skills to give patients a look that they want. When they smile it should increase their confidence and give the person across them also a reason to smile.

Cosmetic dentistry does not necessarily mean extensive treatments sometimes even a small adjustment to a few teeth can make a remarkable difference.

In the first place, our team of dentists at our clinic does not look at cosmetic dentistry as a tool only to enhance aesthetic appearance. Instead we consider it as a functionality enhancement dentistry procedure to uplift your self-esteem and boost your morale. Be it for a minor teeth whitening treatment or a surgical procedure such as full mouth restoration through dental implants, while improving your smile quotient, we also consider the due necessities for functional requirements.

Under our cosmetic dentistry treatment plan, we offer plethora of smile design procedures to create a natural and unique smile for our patients.

1) Modification of tooth shape and size – Veneers, laminates and crowns
2) Rectify bites and misalignment of teeth– orthodontic treatment appliances like braces
3) Improve the shades of teeth – teeth whitening
4) Treat tooth decay – bonding, filling and crowns
5) Replace missing tooth or set of teeth – dentures, bridges or implants
6) Repair broken, chipped or fractured teeth – contouring and reshaping
7) Rectify gummy smile or irregularities in gum contour – Gum contouring or Gingivectomy
8) Depigment dark gums – Gum depigmentation.

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